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Below is a list of the home staging services we provide:

home staging consultation

Home Staging Consultations

Home staging consultations are for those preparing to sell a house.

We will assess the exterior and each individual room of the interior of your house with a focus on how to maximize the appeal for prospective buyers. We will make specific recommendations for your house, which may include de-cluttering, removing or rearranging furniture, painting or making minor repairs. You will be presented with a detailed report at the conclusion of the consultation as will your realtor. You will also be provided with a “Top Ten” priority list to assist you with the staging process.

We will also take photos and measurements of your home, and if you wish, provide you with a bid for staging all or part of your home. All of our services can be customized to accommodate your needs and budget.

The home staging services consultation process generally takes 2-3 hours.

Home Staging Consultation fees: $250 and up

staging house to sell

Staging a House to Sell

Occupied Home Staging

Our full home staging services include de-personalizing, de-cluttering, rearranging furniture and accessorizing in order to make your home appear more spacious and inviting to potential buyers both inside and out. We will use our skills and creativity to enhance the best features of your home. We can stage your entire home for maximum appeal or only stage key rooms to meet your budget. We can also stage the exterior of your home to maximize curb appeal and to showcase any landscaping or outdoor living areas. We will use selective furniture and accessories currently in your home. However, if needed, we can also provide furniture and decorative accessories from our inventory.

We will create inviting and visually appealing spaces that will offer buyers the “WOW” factor.

Our rates vary based on the size and condition of your home, and also on the extent of services required by us. We will be happy to provide a complimentary bid. It typically takes only one day to transform your home for buyers.

Vacant Home Staging

Vacant properties sit on the market longer because most buyers cannot visualize the proportions of an empty house. A vacant house feels empty and cold and does not show well in photos or virtual tours. Vacant homes often lack curb appeal because the landscaping is uncared for. Staging a vacant house will help it show better and make it feel more like a “home” to prospective buyers.

When a house is vacant, we provide the furnishings, decorative accessories and artwork from our inventory. Depending on your needs and preferences, we can stage the entire house or just a few key rooms. We can also stage the exterior of your house, recommending landscaping, and providing the curb appeal to bring buyers in. We will magically transform a depleted home into a sellable property.

Our rates vary depending on the size of the house and the home staging services needed.

We will be happy to provide a complimentary bid.

Move in Services

Move-In Services/Stage to Live

Letʼs face it - we all lead very busy lives! Why wait until youʼve lived in your home months or years before it truly reflects you and your personal style? Let us arrange your furniture and help with color selections or furniture, artwork, or decorative accessory purchases. Make your house feel like home NOW with our move-in home staging services!

Rates vary depending on services needed. We will be happy to offer a complimentary bid.

home renovation consultation

Renovation Finish Consultation

Are you an investor trying to complete a rehab project to appeal to a broad range of buyers? Are you a builder trying to complete a spec home? Are you a homeowner remodeling part of your home? Are you not sure what finishes will give you the look you desire?

Decorating trends are always changing. Wall to Wall Home Staging keeps apprised of the latest in home decorating and design. Anything that you see inside or outside your home, we can help you select. We work with you to understand the look that you are trying to achieve and who your project needs to appeal to. We can help select:

  • Interior or Exterior Paint Colors
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Cabinetry
  • Countertops
  • Flooring
  • Tile
  • Trim
  • Door Hardware
  • Landscaping Plants or Features
  • and More

We will meet with you to understand the size and scope of your project as well as the desired look and your budget. We will then select materials for your project and after your approval, communicate those selections to your contractors. We will follow up with your contractors to ensure that the materials are installed as envisioned.

Our rates vary depending on the size and scope of the project and the services needed.

We will be happy to provide a complimentary bid.

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