How Maryland Home Builders and Real Estate Investors Benefit From Home Staging

Maryland Home Builders

Maryland home builders know that vacant properties offer unique, specific challenges to marketing. Vacant rooms tend to appear smaller and colder than rooms that are occupied. Pictures of vacant rooms do not show well in listings since they tend to be washed out and boring. Buyers and home inspectors walking through vacant properties focus on all the little imperfections rather than the big picture.

Home staging gets prospective buyers to look at your property as a home rather than just a house. Pictures of staged rooms encourage buyers to visit your home and once they are there, staged rooms hook them to see how they would live in this home.

For home builders, real estate investors and foreclosure lenders, it is important to realize the value that home staging can bring to selling your vacant homes for more money in a quicker amount of time. Statistics released by the National Association of Realtors show that home staging can result in 7% to 11% higher sales prices and can make a vacant home sell 80% quicker than non-staged homes. What this means to those that have vacant houses to sell is that home staging can help you do it quicker and for more money than the houses you might be competing against. Let's face it, days on market is your enemy as holding costs continue to mount while your listing becomes stale and buyers pass over it.

Research shows that staging a house can increase the selling price $1500-$2000, yielding, on average, a 586% return on investment. That’s a greater ROI than landscaping, painting, or updating kitchens and baths!

Home Staging Benefits

Additionally, 96% of homes staged by accredited staging professionals like Wall to Wall Home Staging sell in 37 days or less, compared to 212 days for non-staged homes.

Wall to Wall Home Staging is your trusted partner for real estate success. Regardless of the market, home staging is an essential component of selling vacant properties. We can help in two ways.

First, we can take the burden of selecting finishes off of your plate. Anything a buyer sees, we can select for you, freeing up your time to manage subcontractors, ensure that project timetables are met, and look for your next project. Whether is is lighting/plumbing fixtures, paint colors, flooring, or landscaping, we can select it for you. Buyer tastes are constantly changing and we stay on top of the latest trends to make sure that your homes are desirable and show well.

Second, once your project is complete, we can stage it for sale. We have our own unique inventory of furniture and accessories, which cater to different target buyers. Staging creates the WOW factor and strikes an emotional chord with the buyer. Our task is to help the buyer envision him/herself in the help create the lifestyle they would lead while living in the home. That’s nearly impossible to do in a vacant, non-staged home. We make your empty house feel like a home – one the buyer would love to move into. Your listing pictures will look fantastic and buyers will fall in love with your home as soon as they walk through the door.

Maryland home builders and investors who partner with Wall to Wall Home Staging know their investment will pay off big. Let us help you enjoy a quicker sale for more net profit. You’ll be amazed at the results.

Maryland home builders, real estate investors and bank-owned properties benefit from our services.

Let Wall to Wall Home Staging show you how quickly we can get your vacant homes to sell!

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