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When you are ready to sell your own home, of course you want to get the highest price you can. Equally as important however, is being able to sell as quickly as you can. Having your home on the market is an emotional drain. You need to maintain its appearance, allow strangers to walk through on a regular basis, and continue to pay taxes and insurance while your heart has moved on to your next home.

Regardless of whether you are trying to sell your own home or you are employing the services of a real estate agent, home staging is vital to your success. In a slow economy, homes can sit months, even years on the market and suffer numerous price cuts before being sold. But, it doesn’t have to be that way! Research shows that staged homes sell 80% faster than those that are not, and sell for 7% to 11% more money.

When the economy is down and the real estate market is slow, you don’t want to sink more into the house fixing it up, than it is worth or that you can get out of it when you sell the house.

That is why home staging is so important when you’re selling your house. Staging a house is a relatively small investment and can increase the selling price $1500-$2000, yielding, on average, a 586% return on investment. That’s a greater return on investment than landscaping, painting, or updating kitchens and baths!

Wall to Wall Home Staging’s services range from a home staging consultation with detailed report, to de-cluttering, to full home staging. We can help your home sell faster and for more money, whether you are living in the home or the home is vacant.

If you are living in the home, we can show you how to get the most out of your own furniture and accessories. If you have moved out of the home, we can use our own unique inventory of furniture and accessories, which can cater to different target buyers. Additionally, we can stage your entire home for maximum appeal or only stage key rooms to meet your budget. We can also help stage the exterior and landscaping of your home for maximum curb appeal and to showcase outdoor living aspects.

The key is to prepare the house so that it is appealing to the greatest number of prospective buyers – to help them envision themselves in the home. Staging creates the “WOW factor” and can strike an emotional chord with the buyer. When there are many homes on the market that you are competing against, home staging can make your home stand out in a buyer's mind. We will enhance the best features of your home while downplaying any deficiencies.

At Wall to Wall Home Staging are professional, accredited home stagers. We will be happy to work with you, if you are selling the house yourself, or your realtor. We are confident that our services will help you sell your home faster and for more money. When you are selling your home, home staging is vitally important, and you will easily recoup your costs at closing time.

Ask how we can help you sell your own home today!

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