Staging a House To Sell

Staging a House To Sell: Real Estate Agents Who Partner with Wall to Wall Home Staging Gain a Competitive Advantage

Staging a House To Sell

As a real estate agent, your primary concern is getting your client's house sold as quickly as possible for the highest price.

You get prospective buyers to see your listings through competitive pricing, well-written descriptions, and attractive photos. Wall to Wall Home Staging gets prospective buyers to submit the offer by showcasing the home's best features while minimizing any deficiencies, allowing buyers to envision their lifestyle if they were living in this home and forming an emotional bond to the property.

Together, you and Wall to Wall Home Staging form a team that meets your clients goals. Typically, your first price reduction is greater than the cost of staging -- and that does not account for additional holding costs and emotional stress from more days on market. Obviously that is a lose-lose situation for you and your client.

All of the statistics show that when staged, properties sell faster and for more money. 96% of homes staged by accredited staging professionals like Wall to Wall Home Staging sell in 37 days or less, compared to 212 days for non-staged homes. Staging a house to sell is a huge advantage.

Faster sales… More profitable sales… real estate agents have a clear competitive advantage when they offer staging services to their clients. Wall to Wall Home Staging is a partner you can trust to manage this important service for you. We are highly trained accredited staging professionals, dedicated to building mutual partnerships with real estate agents like you. We will provide a detailed home staging consultation, and then stage the house, allowing you more time to invest in other aspects of getting the house sold. The homeowners will feel well taken care of, knowing that you have gone above and beyond to sell their house faster and for more profit, and with tremendous results!

Staging a house to sell will help you attract more business, while selling them faster and for more money. When you meet with homeowners for the first time, show them your astonishing home sales statistics using home staging, show them your glowing testimonials from satisfied customers who know that you do your best to get their house sold faster and for more money, and show them your amazing photos to illustrate how home staging can make a huge difference in presenting a house to prospective buyers.

Partnering with Wall to Wall Home Staging is a win-win-win all the way around!

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