Staging a House: What Is Home Staging?

Staging a House

Staging a house is a proven way to present a house to the real estate market that assures that any buyer looking at the house will have the most favorable impression.

Home Staging is the process of using your time-frame and budget to prepare a house for sale so that it sells in the fastest time and at the highest price. Home Staging enhances and changes the ambiance and decor of a home before it goes on the market by incorporating space planning, furniture arrangement, and use of color and accessories.

Home Staging can fill the imagination of a prospective buyer and be something of an insurance policy for the owner.

Do you want to create the WOW factor with buyers?

Home Staging helps present a house so that it has that “WOW” factor that makes buyers STOP and take notice! You want your house to be the one that buyers want.

Home Staging is a key Marketing Tool:

Home Staging is a proven way to help a house stand out from the crowd. When the house is marketed against the competition, other “houses” that are hoping to sell - yourʼs will look, feel and show better than the un-staged competition.

An estimated 90% of buyers now look online FIRST to preview houses. Therefore, your house -

  • Will look better online
  • Will look better in person
  • Will look better in print-ads and flyers

Staging a House

Does Staging Work?


A staged home sells faster and for more money! Statistics show that a staged home is on the market 30% fewer days and sells for an average of 6-10% higher than a nonstaged home.

Home Staging is an INVESTMENT that makes financial sense:

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported in July 2008 that the average first price reduction for a house is between 10-20%.

When a house is staged - it will sell faster and is less likely to have a drop in price, which means the seller will keep more equity.

Home Staging is the simplest way to create faster, higher sales, especially in a slow market.

Staging a house today is not a luxury - it is a necessity!

“The investment in Home Staging is always less than a price reduction!” - Barb Schwarz, the creator of

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