Top Ten Benefits of Home Staging

1. Staged Homes Sell Faster: 2-3 times faster than unstaged competition

2. Staged Homes Sell for a Higher Price: 5-20% more than unstaged competition

3. Staged Homes Have a Marketing Advantage: A listing describing a home as Staged gets attention

4. Staged Homes Look Better in Photographs: 90% of Buyers check online FIRST before visiting a house in person

5. Staged Homes are more frequently viewed in person: Buyers and Agents know that Staged Homes are more appealing to view

6. Staged Homes Appeal to ALL BUYERS: Eliminating the distraction of personal items allows Buyers to focus on the home and imagine themselves living there

7. Staged Homes form an emotional connection with Buyers: Buyers can see the lifestyle they will lead in the home

8. Staged Homes Highlight Features and Minimize Deficiencies: Buyers who are impressed by the home will not nit-pick over small issues

9. Staged Homes are Viewed as Well Cared For: Buyers, Inspectors, and Appraisers see Staged Homes as clean and well maintained, creating a positive impression

10. Staged Homes are More Likely to Appraise for Full Value: By reducing cosmetic deficiencies, appraisers can value the home in a more positive light