Home Staging

Frequently Asked Questions



What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is the art and science of preparing a property to be presented to a potential buyer or renter. Like the icing on a cake, or test driving a car, home staging helps your ideal buyer connect with your property on an emotional level. When buyers have a first good impression, or feel something special about your property, they want to make it home.

What is Vignette Style Staging and how does it differ from Full Staging?

Vignette Style Staging uses a few accessories to suggest the use of a room. For example, a bedroom with Vignette Style Staging may have a bed frame and a dresser, but no details like a nightstand, mirror, artwork, or decorative accessories.

Wall to Wall Home Staging does not offer Vignette Style Staging services because it doesn’t create an emotional impact. We prefer to leave an area vacant if we are not going to stage it properly for maximum impact. Our motto is “Stage it or don’t”. We leave the staged areas of our projects looking like model homes.

What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual Staging is the practice of digitally altering photos to add or remove furniture and other elements to or from a property. We do not provide this service because virtually staged photos do not look professional, they often misrepresent the condition of the property, and most of all, they do not create the emotional impact of a fully staged home. In fact, the opposite is usually the case. When a potential buyer realizes the property does not match the photos that attracted them to the property they lose interest. We are frequently contracted to take over virtually staged projects that have not received offers. Within weeks of physically staging the property it is under contract.

Why should I have my property staged?

Opinion surveys and statistics have repeatedly shown that staged properties generally sell faster and at a higher price than similar un-staged properties. Home staging is the most effective marketing tool you can employ for your property. It impacts the entire marketing cycle starting with making your listing photos stand out be be memorable, followed by creating that “Wow!” factor emotional connection during a tour, and continues making a positive impression through additional tours and inspections. In today’s world, prospective buyers and renters want the “HGTV” factor. They need to be shown a property’s potential and what lifestyle they would have in your property. Home staging accomplishes exactly that.

What exactly do you you do when you stage my vacant house?

Our Vacant Home Staging process includes consultation, planning, curation, execution, and conclusion.

Consultation: Through a phone consultation with a Lead Stager, we will discuss your property, your goals, and determine a budget for your project.

Planning: We will perform a site visit to review the floor plan and finishes for your project. We will also research the demographics and psychographics of your targeted buyer so that we can tailor the presentation of the property to the most likely buyer of your property. Based on this research, your goals, and your budget, we will develop a custom staging plan for your project.

Curation: Based on the staging plan, we will identity the perfect items in our inventory of furniture, accessories and artwork for your project.

Execution: We will move all of our staging props into your property and professionally arrange the furniture, bring spaces to life with accessories and hang artwork to provide texture and interest. When we leave, your property will look like a model home.

Conclusion: Once your property is sold, we will return to de-install and move-out all of the staging props, leaving your property ready to move to closing.

What if I’m living in my home. Can you still provide staging?

Yes. For occupied properties we recommend our Walk and Talk Staging Consultations. If you need help executing our recommendations, please discuss your project with one of our consultants.

What do you mean by “Walk & Talk” Consultation?

A Walk & Talk Consultation is a cost effective way to create a staging plan for your occupied property. You will meet with one of our staging consultants at your property. As we walk through your property, we will discuss recommendations such as furniture placement, de-cluttering, and deferred maintenance items. We will not provide a written report, but you are welcome to take any notes as we go.

How much does home staging cost?

The investment in home staging varies depending on the size, scope, and location of your project. The investment in home staging is always less than a price reduction. Request a quote to discuss your project with one of our Lead Stagers.

Can I pay you at closing?

To keep our prices cost effective we do not offer financing or accept payment at closing. Payment for services is due prior to staging.

Can I pick out what furniture you will use to stage my house?

Home staging is not a custom design service, but we are open to hearing your suggestions during the initial consultation. Your Lead Stager is an industry professional worthy of your trust, and will present your property with it’s best foot forward. To see our work please visit our gallery.

What kind of furniture will you use to stage my house?

Wall to Wall Home Staging maintains a huge inventory of furniture, accessories, and artwork in a variety of styles. We regularly update our staging inventory based on the latest design trends and replace items that are worn or no longer meet our design goals. Our items are showroom quality. On occasion, we use one of a kind pieces to provide accents and a unique look for our projects.

Do I have to stage my entire property?

No. While staging the entire property does provide the most impact, some of our clients opt to only stage the most impactful parts of their property. Generally, depending on the floor plan, this would include the main living areas, kitchen, bathrooms, and the master bedroom. Request a quote and discuss the scope of your project with one of our Lead Stagers.

Is my property ready to be staged?

Staging is the final step in preparing your property for sale. Our team should be the last group through your property before your photographer. Once your photos are done, your listing can be made active and your marketing can begin. In order for our team to be able to perform our services, we ask that

  • All construction work throughout the property be completed. There should be no contractors working at the property

  • The electricity should be on

  • Light bulbs should be installed in all light fixtures

  • Water should be available and on at all sinks. Toilets should be operational

  • Depending on the season, the heat or air conditioning should be operational. The temperature should be within the range of 65 - 80 degrees

  • The property should be professionally cleaned.

  • Parking should be available (Any special parking, access, or elevator requirements should be discussed with your Lead Stager during the consultation)

  • Walkways should be clear and accessible

Do you provide photos?

We take photos of our projects for our own documentation and marketing. We are not professional photographers, and we do not have professional equipment such as wide angle lenses or remote flashes. If requested, we are happy to share our photos with you. However, we recommend that all listing photos should be taken by a professional photographer that is familiar with real estate photography. Please discuss this with your listing agent.

When should I de-stage?

We recommend keeping your property staged until all inspection and financing contingencies have been satisfied. Unfortunately, deals sometimes fall apart at the last minute and you do not want to re-stage your property if you need to re-market it.

Why should we use Wall to Wall Home Staging?

Results. We get results! The majority of our vacant stagings are under contract within three weeks, near full asking price, and many have multiple offers

Experience: We have been full time, insured, professional stagers since 2009. Having performed hundreds of projects ranging from multi-million dollar waterfront properties, to small starter homes, we have the breadth of experience and inventory selection to execute projects of all sizes and styles. Staging is our profession, not our hobby.

Design Sense: Our stagers are passionate about design and stay up to date with the latest design trends by following industry leaders and attending continuing education events. We didn’t just take one class on staging and start staging houses. We also continually update and refresh our inventory to keep our projects looking fresh and unique.

Attention to Detail: We are known for our attention to detail. We don’t use packages. Every project is individually curated to create a unique, targeted look for your project. We work hard for a streamlined, but rich look in every project.