Our Wall to Wall Home Staging Plans


We are in the business of making first impressions that leave a lasting impact.

We call it the, “Oh my goodness!”, “love at first siGHt,” “can’t live without it,” “everything about this place feels right!” business.


At Wall to Wall Home Staging, we believe staging a home is more than making a property look ‘pretty,’ it is about creating a unique and memorable experience for your ideal buyer. From the first photo they browse online to the first time they drive by, and from their first visit all the way through inspection and closing, we want your property to connect with the perfect buyer on a personal level.

Why? Because you aren’t just selling a property, you’re selling an experience. Buyers and renters want to feel like they are at home; like everything about a property represents and reflects who they are. When the right buyer has the right experience, homes sell quickly and above asking price.

Our finely tuned five step home staging process begins with a phone consultation. A Wall to Wall Home Staging lead stager will discuss your property, your goals, and determine a budget for your project.

Step two is research. We perform a site visit to understand the unique layout and details of your property, and perform high level analysis of psychographic and demographic information to identify your ideal buyer.

In step three, we use our research findings to create a custom home staging plan that will turn your home into a property that resonates with your target market.

Our fourth step is to execute on your custom home staging plan by professionally moving curated items into the property, installing artwork, and arranging rooms. We ensure everything is ready for photography so you can launch your marketing plan.

Lastly, following the sale of your property, step five is to professionally remove every item and staging prop from your property.

Through every step of the process, our team focuses on the little things that make a big difference. Rest assured, with our attention to detail and expert industry knowledge, your home will be the must have property on the market.

Are you ready to add value to your property with Wall to Wall Home Staging? Let’s get started.

The details are not the details; they make the design
— Charles Eames